Birds and Birding

All the places I’ve seen lifers! The the larger the circle, the more species seen at each site.

I am also a big bird nerd outside of research and I have seen 2158 species (as of October 2022) in 26 countries.

I’m always up for birding trips if anyone is interested. Just get in contact!

Last 20 lifers:

Sociable Lapwing 17/10/2022, Kisújszállás, Hungary

Eurasian Scops Owl 16/08/2022, Ócsa, Hungary

Common Rock Thrush 25/07/2022, Somiedo, Spain

Meller’s Duck 25/04/2022, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Greater Spotted Eagle 19/02/2022, Hortobagy, Hungary

Sooty Falcon 18/12/2021, Sakaraha, Madagascar

White-browed Owl 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Rufous Vanga 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Giant Coua 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Long-billed Bernieria 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Appert’s Tetraka 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Frances’s Sparrowhawk 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Cuckoo-roller 18/12/2021, Zombitse, Madagascar

Madagascar Spinetail 15/12/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Torotoroka Scops Owl 12/12/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Common Newtonia 03/12/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Lafresnaye’s Vanga 01/12/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Greater Vasa Parrot 29/11/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Madagascar Cuckooshrike 29/11/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Madagascar Buzzard 27/11/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Crab-plover 27/11/2021, Andavadoaka, Madagascar